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IT Infrastructure & Security

Information Technology is now ruling over all. Each and every organization works under IT Infrastructure.

The Local Network, Internet, Systems, Servers and various applications work together to provide a IT infrastructure. Maintenance of these resources is necessary to run your business smooth and fast.

Security is the most important matter inside any IT infrastructure.

There are lots of chances of failure in business that is due to security threats.

At V-Connect Systems & Services Pvt. Ltd with a combined experience of 20+ years, our Technical Professionals and cloud architects have a decade experiences of working and providing a secure IT infrastructure to more than 400+ enterprises in the last seven years of journey.

We are committed to provide you a stable and strong IT Infrastructure that will take you towards the success of your business with keeping your data safe.

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About the IT Infra market as per Mordor intelligence report.

The Critical Infrastructure Protection Market is expected to register a CAGR of 7.76% during the forecast period.

COVID-19 highlighted the importance of numerous infrastructure systems and services in maintaining economic and social activity and enabling responses to unexpected threats and difficulties while posing a vulnerability risk. However, not all infrastructure consequences have been bad; certain services have witnessed a rise in demand or positive benefits, illustrating the diversity and heterogeneity of infrastructure in general and the complexity of knock-on effects from significant shocks.

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IT Infrastructure Security services
  • Critical infrastructure plays an active and dynamic part in supporting modern society's seamless progression and assimilation. The performance, safety, reliability, continuous operation, maintenance, and protection of critical infrastructure are among the national priorities for countries worldwide. Critical infrastructure (CI) offers essential services that underpin society and serve as the backbone of any nation's economy, health, and security. The power used in homes and industries, potable water, transportation, and communication systems are a part of critical infrastructure.
  • The critical infrastructure sectors comprise assets, networks, and systems, whether physical or virtual. The physical protection of critical infrastructure can prevent the commission of high-impact terrorist attacks and avoid the cascading effects that are frequently associated with such attacks.
  • Therefore, the issue of critical infrastructure protection is emerging as one of the primary concerns for national governments, infrastructure managers, and local authorities.
  • Moreover, for the SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems, the nature of the operation and communica tion exposes them to numerous threats, which might be caused by hardware or software errors, human mistakes, or deliberate, malicious actions. Combating such threat risks, which can jeopardize the security of control systems and their critical infrastructure, requires protection strategies to be carefully designed and appropriately implemented.

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Excellent Works

I have been using the portal GrowWsaas for all our SMS campaigns and have found it to be very easy and intuitive to use. The reporting structure is very nice and the best part is that for reports having large data, we are able to download such large reports very quickly.

Transparency and Ease-to-use

The V-Connect team has been super helpful and efficient during our onboarding journey. Their teamwork has constantly stood out during our entire experience, and they’ve always been on their foot to support and guide us through the process. V-Connect’s industry-leading pricing, transparency and ease-to-use dashboard have helped us win over our SMS journey.

Simplicity and Ease

We’ve been looking for a partner to sort all of our communication problems to tackle with a good balance between features and functionality, with simplicity and ease of use. The result is a really strong CPaaS offering that allows for communications functionality to be integrated in Xeno Next-Gen CRM through deep API integration