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Best Solutions for Azure Cloud

We are top Azure Cloud Service Provider in India

Azure is Microsoft’s cloud platform, just like Google has its Google Cloud and Amazon has its Amazon Web Service or AWS.000. Generally, it is a platform through which we can use Microsoft’s resources. For example, to set up a huge server, we will require huge investment, effort, physical space, and so on. In such situations, Microsoft Azure comes to our rescue. It will provide us with virtual machines, fast processing of data, analytical and monitoring tools, and so on to make our work simpler. The pricing of Azure is also simpler and cost-effective. Popularly termed as “Pay As You Go”, which means how much you use, pay only for that.

Azure can help enterprises in the following ways

  • Capital less
  • Less Operational Cost
  • Cost Effective
  • Easy Back-Up and Recovery options
  • Easy to implement
  • Better Security
  • Work from anywhere
  • Increased collaboration
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Azure Cloud
V-Connect Azure Services

Following are some of the services for Microsoft Azure which we at V-Connect offers:

In particular, here are eight ways fully managed dedicated hosting benefits your online business:

Includes Virtual Machines, Virtual Machine Scale Sets, Functions for serverless computing, Batch for containerized batch workloads, Service Fabric for microservices and container orchestration, and Cloud Services for building cloud-based apps and APIs.

With Azure, you can use a variety of networking tools, like the Virtual Network, which can connect to on-premise data centers; Load Balancer; Application Gateway; VPN Gateway; Azure DNS for domain hosting, Content Delivery Network, Traffic Manager, ExpressRoute dedicated private network fiber connections; and Network Watcher monitoring and diagnostics.

Includes Blob, Queue, File, and Disk Storage, as well as a Data Lake Store, Backup, and Site Recovery, among others.

Creating Web + Mobile applications is very easy as it includes several services for building and deploying applications.

Azure has a property that includes Container Service, which supports Kubernetes, DC/OS or Docker Swarm, and Container Registry, as well as tools for microservices.

Azure also included several SQL-based databases and related tools.

Azure has some big data tools like HDInsight for Hadoop Spark, R Server, HBase, and Storm clusters.

With Azure developing applications with artificial intelligence capabilities, like the Computer Vision API, Face API, Bing Web Search, Video Indexer, and Language Understanding Intelligent.

Includes IoT Hub and IoT Edge services that can be combined with a variety of machine learning, analytics, and communications services.

Includes Security Centre, Azure Active Directory, Key Vault, and Multi-Factor Authentication Services.

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Excellent Works

I have been using the portal GrowWsaas for all our SMS campaigns and have found it to be very easy and intuitive to use. The reporting structure is very nice and the best part is that for reports having large data, we are able to download such large reports very quickly.

Transparency and Ease-to-use

The V-Connect team has been super helpful and efficient during our onboarding journey. Their teamwork has constantly stood out during our entire experience, and they’ve always been on their foot to support and guide us through the process. V-Connect’s industry-leading pricing, transparency and ease-to-use dashboard have helped us win over our SMS journey.

Simplicity and Ease

We’ve been looking for a partner to sort all of our communication problems to tackle with a good balance between features and functionality, with simplicity and ease of use. The result is a really strong CPaaS offering that allows for communications functionality to be integrated in Xeno Next-Gen CRM through deep API integration